Competing Voices

There is no doubt that our world has become increasingly noisy! There is more voices clamoring for your attention then there has ever been. With the intrusion of social media into our lives and the continual on going connectivity to the internet, there is little to no “down time.” People are trying to sell us […]

The Advantage of Adversity

No one likes adversity! Most people run in the opposite direction if they can avoid adversity. Adversity means taking us out of the comfort zone of life, where we all like to live. Adversity means change in routine and upheaval of life. Adversity may mean sleepless nights and long days. Adversity means disruption of all […]

Power Supply

Living in the age of technology brings with it the need to have a constant power supply to the technological devices that billions of people use through out the day. Without the proper power for these devices, they become useless pieces of metal and plastic. This got me thinking about the Christian life. It is […]