How to have Spiritual Health

1Timothy 4.8 For bodily exercise profiteth little: but godliness is profitable unto all things, having promise of the life that now is, and of that which is to come.

Health, workout, vegan, are all the rage these days, these are the buzz words of the fitness world. There are millions of sites available to become the you that you have always dreamed about. You can find websites all across the internet telling you how to obtain that perfect waist size, or how to get to that certain weight. All of this is designed for you to live a healthier lifestyle, feel better and live more confidently.

The key in the whole matter of living a healthier lifestyle is to start. You must start to eat right, exercise and rest.

Just like you must follow certain “laws of health” you must also follow certain “spiritual laws” if you are going to have a healthier Spiritual life.

1. Start – You must commit to starting. That is half the battle. If you do not ever start you will never be healthy spiritually. That means you look at your schedule and you clear away time to be with the Lord.

2. Plan – plan when, and where you are going to have your time with the Lord. You make an appointment to met with the Lord each day and put it on your calendar.

3. Start small – just like your physical health does not change overnight by gorging yourself on healthy food for a day. Your spiritual health will not change overnight by reading 20 chapters of the Bible in one day. You start small and stay consistent (see #4).

4. Consistency – like anything consistency is the key. The more consistent you are in your daily time with the Lord the more healthy spiritually you will be.

5. Goals – Just like people set physical health goals, we should all set spiritual health goals. How much of the Bible will you read this year? How long will you spend in prayer? How will I stretch my faith in giving?

6. Tracking – It would be wise to track your goals, you can use technology or good old pen and paper. But track your goals and see how you are doing. This will help keep you motivated when it gets difficult.

7. Dependency – Your spiritual health is dependent upon how dependent you are upon God. You need the Lord to open your eyes to see the truth about scripture. Ask the Lord before your time with Him, to open your eyes to see the wonders of His Word.

8. Faithful – Just as those who want to be fit and healthy physically go to a gym or see a personal trainer. To be healthy spiritually you must be involved in a local church. Going faithfully each week, to be encouraged and to see your “workout buddies.” The local church is where through the preaching of God’s Word your faith will be increased.


Romans 10.17 So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.

These are just a few basic tips on how to become healthy spiritually. I hope that as a fellow believer they will be a help to you as they have helped me in my spiritual health.

You can also check the recommendations page of this blog to see some of the application I use and recommend to help with spiritual growth.

George Riddell
Husband of a wonderful wife, Father of two terrific girls, Pastor of Open Bible Baptist Church

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