I Will Miss You

How many times have we had to say those words in our lifetime, the older you get it seems the more you have to say those words.

As a pastor, you never want to have to say those words because most of the time it means that someone is leaving the church for one reason or another. When anyone leaves a church it is hard for the pastor not to take it personally. You think what could I have done to help them stay, what did I say or not say that caused them to look elsewhere. Where did I fail as a leader? It is always tough to see people go.

But sometimes God orchestrates in the lives of people to move on from on church to another. This does not mean that it is not painful or that there is not some sadness. But God is sovereign and He knows what is best.

I believe that it is even harder for a pastor when a good staff member leaves. You see them more than just a staff member, you see them as a friend, a partner in ministry, one who is doing kingdom work with you that will impact eternity.

It is with that mindset that I say to John, Krista, and Sadie Gall, I will miss you!

You folks have been such a blessing to me and to Open Bible. I know that God has a purpose and plan for your life and for mine, I just wish that His plan would have kept our lives intersected a bit longer. It has only been three years and you folks had a way of making a special place in my heart for you. I will miss you.

I know that you are going to continue to do great things for God. Pastor Andrew and New Hope are going to be the recipients of a wonderful ministry family. I am excited for them and for you, but, I will miss you.

John, God has given you a wonderful ability to communicate His Word, continue to cultivate that gift. I will miss your preaching.

Krista, God has blessed you with the talent to sing and play the piano continue to use that talent for the Lord. I will miss your music.

Sadie, God has blessed you with wonderful parents, who will nurture you and admonish you in the Lord. I will miss your smile and holding you. PopPop Pastor Loves You!

I guess the only thing left for me to say to you is that it has been my privilege to have you serve with me in the ministry.

I thank my God upon every remembrance of you! But I will miss you.

Love your friend and co-laborer

Pastor Riddell

George Riddell
Husband of a wonderful wife, Father of two terrific girls, Pastor of Open Bible Baptist Church

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